The process of the ancestral and millenarian territoriality of the indigenous people of the U’wa Nation, located in five departments of Colombia, has been affected by the arrival of capitalist territoriality which has been invasive in its different modalities since the time of the colony to the present. This has caused an expantion on their ancestral territory – Kajka Ika – affecting the balance of life in different moments throughout history.



The territorial dispute in the last 20 years which has generated ecoterritorial conflicts that arise due to a development model that materializes in extractive projects on Kajka Ika, and that has triggered a strong and radical opposition on the part of this indigenous group. The emergence of pillars of U’wa struggle, the repertoire of territorial defense strategies that have allowed them to reconfigure the scenarios of resistance for the care of life and their ancestral territory as well as their r-existence.


Overlap between PNN El Cocuy and U´was territory

Magallanes Project – Exploitation of Oil, 200 meters from U’wa United Territory

The above has allowed the consolidation of the indigenous guard, the houses of knowledge, the management of the media and the great network of allianceswhich have ensured the survival of the U’wa Nation and obtained several important victories in the defense of Kajka Ika in regards to the death projects imposed by the riowa


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